CeDar Rose Study

What is the CeDar Rose study?

The CeDar Rose study is for people who have well-controlled celiac disease. This study is an observational study, meaning there is no investigational medicine being evaluated. Instead, participants will wear a medical device that monitors various biometrics. Additionally, participants will be periodically sent a random sample of either gluten or sham (fake) gluten to ingest (Gluten Challenge).

This is a decentralized study, so all study activities are conducted remotely or at the participant’s home. Visits and e-consent is home-based, conducted via telemedicine during a videoconference session and facilitated by home nursing (HN) professionals at the participant’s home.

Who can join the CeDar Rose study?

Study participants may be able to join the study if they meet the following requirements:

Other study requirements will apply.

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What will happen during the study?

Study participants can expect the following:

Participation in a clinical research study is voluntary. You can ask any questions you have and may leave the study at any time, for any reason.